Does Herbalife Work?

Yes, absolutely. Herbalife works. We have been helping people live healthier, more active lives for almost 40 years. There are millions of Herbalife success stories across the world.

Mark D.

I started my weight loss journey on 26 December 2016 (crazy I know) with a starting weight of 237 pounds, to date I have lost an incredible 72 pounds. I started to feel better after the first week, had more energy and felt more alert. It took a while for me to notice my weight loss which has been the reason previous “diet” attempts failed. I am so glad that I persevered this time.

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How can you lose weight with Herbalife?

You lose weight by replacing unhealthy foods with Herbalife’s healthy diet meals. The Formula 1 shake, our healthy meal, is ready in seconds. It contains loads of vitamins and minerals, is absolutely delicious and keep you full with less than 300 calories per meal.

In this way, you spend more calories than you take in. Your body starts burning fat for energy, and you lose weight.

We recommend that you always have the shake for breakfast, and then either lunch or dinner.

You have one regular healthy meal, and two small snacks during the day.

With the larger weight loss packages, you receive various other supplements to help you feel great and help you lose weight fast.

Many people report having more energy, feeling better and being in a better mood when they start one of Herbalife’s weight loss programmes. This is no magic. Our bodies are amazing constructs, and when they start getting all the nutrients they need, everything in us and on us just works better. Herbalife works by providing all the key nutrients our body needs at only a fraction of the calories that most ready-made meals have.

Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

A healthy, low calorie meal

Make it work

To get the most out of your Herbalife programme, you will need to adjust your habits a bit. The plans are simple to follow, but sticking to a weight loss programme may not always be easy.

You may feel hungry from time to time, especially in the first few days until you get used to eating less. Have some small snacks, such as fruits, dried nuts or a small salads to soothe your hunger. Feeling a little hungry is completely normal, common and, most importantly, totally beatable. Don’t let it demoralize you.

Your regular meal, the one that you have besides the shakes, should be a healthy meal. Stay away from junk food and fast food, and go for lean meats and vegetables. Stay away from sweets, juices and sugary drinks. The more you improve your habits, the better the weight loss results will be.

Check out the meal plans page to get an idea of what your days will look like if you decide to start one of our programmes.

Don’t know where to start?

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