Herbalife Shakes

Every day, more than 4 million Herbalife shakes are served in more than 90 countries across the world.


Herbalife’s delicious shakes are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that make it a great healthy meal. Whether you’re on the go or just want a nutritious meal, reach for an Herbalife Formula 1 shake to satisfy your hunger and help manage your weight.



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How to use the Formula 1 Shake

You can use the Herbalife Formula 1 shake to lose weight, to maintain your weight or as a healthy breakfast. Each 550g tub contains between 20 and 30 meals.


Weight Loss

Replace two meals per day with the shake. We recommend breakfast and then either lunch or dinner.


Weight Management

Replace one meal per day with the shake. We recommend having the shake for breakfast, but you can also have it for dinner or lunch if that fits better into your day.


Healthy Breakfast

Make the shake every morning for a tasty and healthy breakfast.


For more detailed information on how to use the products, check out the instructions page.


To make the shake, just add two flat tablespoons (around 26g) of Herbalife Formula 1 shake to 250ml of skim milk and mix in a shaker or blender. You can also use water, almond milk, rice milk, soy milk….whatever suits you best.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to prepare the Formula 1 shake.


Nutritional Information

The Herbalife shake is packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Each shake contains less than 300 calories, depending on what you mix it with.


18g Protein

24 Vitamins & Minerals

4g Fibre


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