Herbalife Instructions

Herbalife products can be used of weight loss, as a healthy breakfast or as a healthy meal during the day. All our products are completely natural, easy to use and healthy.

Weight Loss

Herbalife products are very popular with people who want to lose weight. The plans are simple to follow, the meals are easy to prepare and taste great, and the results are excellent.

For the best weight loss results, replace two meals per day with the shake – breakfast and your choice of lunch or dinner. Have one regular healthy meal, and two small snacks.

Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

With fresh blueberries and raspberries

You can find more information about the meal plans here, and you can find the weight loss packages on this page.

Healthy Breakfast

The Formula 1 shake is a great choice for a healthy breakfast to start the day. The shake is delicious and loaded with vitamins and minerals. The high protein content help keep you full, while also reducing any cravings for snacks and sweets.

Healthy Breakfast Programme

Formula 1 Shake, Aloe Concentrate, Tea

The Herbalife Tea gives you a great energy boost and helps deal with any water retention issues. The Aloe Concentrate soothes your metabolism and contributes to your general health and wellbeing.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the Healthy Breakfast Programme.

Daily Healthy Meal

You can easily improve the health of your daily diet with some of our products. For example, fibre is very important to your metabolism and to the way that your body gets rid of waste. You can use our Oat Apple Fibre Drink to get additional fibre in your diet. Mix it with the Formula 1 shake for a healthy, tasty, low-calorie meal that is ready in seconds.

Formula 1 Shake and Oat Apple Fibre Drink

A healthy meal rich in fibre and low in calories.

We always recommend having the shake for breakfast. You can also have the shake for lunch or dinner if you feel that it would better suit your lifestyle.

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