Herbalife Special Nutrition

The Herbalife Special Nutrition range has been created to address specific health and wellness needs that you may have. Do you need to increase your daily calcium intake? Do you need more antioxidants in your diet? We have it covered. Concerned about coronary health? Check out Herbalife Niteworks, made by Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Lous Ignarro for Herbalife.


63.13 57.95
19.15 17.95
15.80 14.95
40.30 34.95
71.50 64.95
30.75 27.95
27.17 24.95
38.85 34.95

If you have any questions regarding the products and their use, please contact us. If you have a specific need that you would like adressed, get in touch with us through our live chat, email us at support@herbaireland.com or go to the contact page and one of our team members help you find the product you need to feel your best.